House Restoration

I was referred to the new owners of an upscale home  which was less than seven years old. It was noted when  new wires were being installed that the insulation at the  front of the house was wet. The owner made a few more  inspection holes in the drywall and noted several other  areas were damp and it appeared the exterior sheathing  was disintegrating. At the owners request I visited the  site. After discussions it was agreed that the interior  finishes, drywall and insulation would be removed from four areas at the front of the house. What we found is well explained through the photos. It was further agreed that to make sure of the extent of the corrective work to be done that all the exterior stone facing should be removed, which we did.

As the photos show, we reconstructed the front of the  structure. This meant the removal of all deteriorated  sheathing, studs, headers, sills and paralam beams. In doing so all windows were removed, cleaned and reinstalled. In discussions with numerous “experts” it was decided to use a breathable Blueskin membrane to the exterior of the house which was installed once all the wood surfaces had been primed. The windows were installed and again strips of Blueskin were used to seal the window flanges to the main membrane. A compatible approved membrane flashing was used at the top of the windows.

New insulation, spray foam to the windows, vapour barrier and drywall were installed and all trim work reinstalled at the interior.

The owners chose a mechanically fastened man made  stone to be installed. A Home Slicker 10 rain screen  membrane was added prior to the stone and Cape Cod  siding installation.

During the initial investigation some drywall was  removed at the rear of the house. It was noted that the  insulation and sheathing was wet where the deck  fastened to the house and around the rear deck door.

The siding was removed at the areas where the deck fastened to the house. This area was wet and had deteriorated. The deck was cut away from the house in two stages. The bolting of the deck to the house was secured with approximately 8 – 3” by 5/16” leg screws and anchored into the rim board which was pressboard about 1.25” in thickness. This material was compromised by the water leaking and offered no structural support for the deck.

Once these materials were removed blocking was secured with screws and adhesive to each side of the webs of the floor joist. A new 2×12 was installed and secured to the new blocking. Once the new plywood exterior sheathing was installed the new joist rim was installed with ½” x 6” leg screws through into the new blocking.

It would appear that the major source of the damage was caused by poorly installed windows and lack of attention to the rain screen.


1 existing stone facing

existing stone facing


3 interior 2nd level bedroom

interior 2nd level bedroom

4 2nd level bedroom

2nd level bedroom

5 main floor living room

main floor living room
















6 2nd level bedroom

2nd level bedroom

7 2nd. level other bedroom

2nd. level other bedroom



8 2nd level other bedroom

2nd level other bedroom

10 living room

living room

living room

living room












11a existing wrap

existing wrap

12 exterior at main level

exterior at main level











13 main level window opening

main level window opening

14 main level living room

main level living room







15 are below living room window

below living room window

16 living room windows

living room windows








17 living room window right side

living room window right side

18 front lower window sill

front lower window sill

19 repairs under way

repairs under way













20 Blueskin being installed

Blueskin being installed

21 main turret  repairs completed

main turret repairs completed







window above main entry

window above main entry

damage at beam below center entry window

damage at beam below center entry window







24 rot at main entry door beam

rot at main entry door beam

25 upper window repairs completed

upper window repairs completed







 rotten beam at overhead door

rotten beam at overhead door








27 new beam, studs,insulation

new beam, studs,insulation

27 rotten sill entry door

rotten sill entry door







28 sill pate etc. removed

sill pate etc. removed

29 rotten materials sill & sidewall

rotten materials sill & sidewall







30 start installation Fusion Stone

start installation Fusion Stone

31 working on stone under cover

working on stone under cover







 work must go on

work must go on


33 turret stone complete

turret stone complete

34 preparations for siding

preparations for siding


35 trim and siding commenced

trim and siding commenced






siding at garage

siding at garage

front finished

front finished







38 deterioration at deck

deterioration at deck

39 work at rear deck

work at rear deck







40 reconstruction rear deck

reconstruction rear deck

41 rear deck

rear deck







reinforcing at rear deck

43 deck fastening

deck fastening







44 new ledger and hangers

new ledger and hangers

45 deck securing

deck securing







46 reinstalling siding

reinstalling siding

47 blueskin barrier

blueskin barrier









 final completion

final completion